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Exciting urban commuting: Introducing the Brompton Electric: a game-changer for city commuting with its small and convenient foldable design. You can easily carry and store it in cramped city areas and smoothly maneuver through busy urban streets, all while reducing the need for cars. An efficient battery you can rely on: Brompton Electric bikes are known for their dependable battery performance, even in busy city settings. You can conveniently charge them at home or at charging stations located around the city. These e-bikes are designed to last, providing worry-free electric cycling with long-lasting battery life no matter where your journeys take you. Customize your adventure: Tailor your Electric C Line Explore to match your individual adventure style. Customize the handlebars, gears, colors, and accessories to create a ride that perfectly fits your requirements. Transform each journey into a personal experience by crafting a unique e-bike that reflects your distinct preferences and style. Electric assistance for effortless rides: Discover the joy of effortless riding with the Brompton Electric's intelligent pedal assist feature. Bid farewell to strenuous pedalling and embrace the smooth electric assistance that turns cycling into a breeze. Enhance your comfort and convenience as you effortlessly conquer hills and effortlessly glide through bustling city streets. Go on longer adventures with the Brompton Electric C Line: You can easily explore more areas, conquer difficult terrains, and enjoy longer rides without breaking a sweat. This electric bike provides increased power and versatility, opening up new possibilities for your adventures. At the same time, you can feel good about reducing your environmental impact.
Brompton owners have long pushed the boundaries of exploration. From Heinz Stucke pedaling worldwide to a research scientist riding at the South Pole. Inspired by their endless adventures, we rejoice in a day less ordinary with your Brompton bike. In partnership with Bear Grylls A British Adventurer Bear Grylls is a British adventurer who pushes the boundaries of human exploration and brings an unwavering passion for the great outdoors. Bear is a beacon of inspiration, igniting the thrill of adventure in people's hearts worldwide. Famed for his hair-raising adventures and thirst for the wild, he champions everyday exploration; celebrating even the smallest hidden wonders on your doorstep. Whether conquering concrete landscapes or rural paths, there's one machine that Bear Grylls uses above the rest: his Brompton. Crafted with the precision of a survivalist's tool, the bike is perfectly designed to navigate the urban wilderness or further afield.
Extended Seatpost, Reduced Gearing
This Brompton Bike Comes with a rack installed, Not pictured. Comes with Bromptons Extended Seatpost
The A Line hub gears let you shift when stationary, so setting off is easy. Simply nudge the single lever up or down. Expertly engineered to transform into a small, locked package, in under 20-seconds. 7-year frame warranty Handbuilt and quality assured in our London Factory. Enjoy your Brompton for longer. Brompton handlebar Mid handlebar For a natural sit-up and enjoy the ride position. A Line saddle with black rails 147mm width. Front reflector Reflectors for visibility, both at the front and back.
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