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Welcome to the Backhouse



We have all had that bike that we have refused to get rid of for one reason or another but we are no longer riding them--these are those bikes!  They have been well loved and are in need of a new home.  If you are looking for a used bike at a great price, check out these options.

Overstock, imperfect, scratched, mismatched, broken, parts bikes, and other bike options. Looking for a bike that isn't perfect? These bikes may need work to get them to 100% or are nonfunctional and are just a pile of parts. Can't find what you are looking for?  When the formula for bike ownership is N+1 where N = the number of bikes you currently own, New or used we want to help you find your next ride. Everyone has a reason to upgrade and we all have to start somewhere.  Stock varies so check back for more options.

-Optional 60 day rolling guarantee on select models, purchase at checkout. When purchased we guarantee the bike will be free from mechanical problems for 60 days. Includes 30 day free check.

-Some bikes just do not make the cut and will be sold as parts bikes,  these are great options if you like tinkering or are looking for parts to add to your collection.  All sales are final so make sure you are happy with what you're buying, but don't wait to long someone else may snap it up first.