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Who we are

Pasadena Cyclery is a full-service bike shop. If It can be fixed, we can do it. From simple flat fixes to complete overhauls, we have the knowledge and skill to get it done. If you have an issue with your bike please get in contact with us by phone. Better yet, bring your bike in so we can look at it ourselves. It's always easier to diagnose something in person and we can get your bike checked in at the same time as well. Our service center is first come first serve so if you want to call ahead just to see how busy we are, you can do that as well. 


(626) 795-2866

Tech Center Hours

Tuesday-Saturday      10:00AM - 5:00pm

Sunday                       12:00PM - 4:30PM

Monday                      Closed

See a sales associate during business hours for pickup after the service center is closed.

We guarantee our work

All adjustments made at Pasadena Cyclery are guaranteed for 60 Days! If you have any trouble with an adjustment we made, we will fix it no charge.

Tubes & Tires

Tube Replace                                       $15

Tire Replace                                         $15

E Bike Tube Install                               $40 

*only for select e-bike brands please call first

Tubeless Kit Install (per wheel)           $30-$40

Tubeless Sealant add per wheel          $6

Other Services

Pack Bike for Shipping                             $70

Un pack and assemble new bike        $80 +tax

Assemble partially built bike                     $125

Shorten Handlebar                                   $10

Hydraulic Services

Bleed Brake              $24-$44

Replace Brake          $51

Replace Rotor           $10

Replace Pads           $10-$34

Service packages

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your bike running smoothly ride after ride. Explore the service packages below and stop in or call today to schedule your next tune-up!

If you bought your bike from Pasadena Cyclery, we give you 60 days of pre-ride safety check, shift adjustments and brake adjustments Otherwise:

Level 1 Service


Recommended Every 25 Hours 

Everything torqued, aligned, and adjusted.

Adjust Brakes

Adjust Shifting

Adjust Headset

Adjust Hubs

Adjust Bottom Bracket

Torque Bolts

Wipe frame

Air Tires


Minor wheel true

Replacement parts not included in service package price.

Level 2 Service


Recommended Every 50 Hours

Everything cleaned, tensioned, aligned, and adjusted.

Clean frame

Lateral wheel true

Clean Parts in solvent tank

No additional labor charge for drivetrain parts, cable & housing replacement

 Level 2 includes everything from the Level 1 plus:
Remove and deep clean all drivetrain components
Vertical wheel true

Replacement parts not included in service package price.

Level 3 Service Overhaul


Recommended Every 100-150 Hours

The entire bike stripped, cleaned, lubed, and tuned to perfection.

Every bolt, every bearing, every part*. We’ll start by stripping your bike to the bare frame for a deep clean and inspection, then we’ll re-lube inner surfaces and rebuild it. If it’s been a while, or if you have put serious miles in all-conditions, this one’s for you.

No additional labor charge for drivetrain parts, cable & housing replacement

 Level 3 is everything included in Level 2 plus:
 Disassemble entire bike and deep clean all parts
Overhaul bearing systems or replace if overhaul not applicable (if necessary)
Replace and re-route all cables and housing (if necessary)

*not every bolt is removed.

*$450 additional charge for electrical bikes*

Replacement parts not included in service package price.