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What size bike does my child need?

Kids’ bikes range in wheel size from 12-26?. For simplicity’s sake, it’s easy to think about your child’s age when determining which size is best for them. Though the guidelines below are general, they go a long way in zeroing in on where to begin your search.

What is dialed?

Many of the engineers at Trek are parents as well. They get it—you don’t want to buy a new bike every year. That’s why they came up with what they call “Dialed Fit Design” – bikes with saddles, grips, handlebars, pedals, brake levers, and cranks all designed to fit the appropriate age rider for that model. Some Trek kids’ bikes come with adjustable crank length to fit a child’s growing legs and extend the bike’s lifespan.

As parents, we all want the same thing for our kids: a bike that provides safety, comfort, reliability, and ease of use without breaking the bank. We want your child’s first riding experience to be as memorable as yours, and that’s why every child’s bike that carries the Trek name is held to the same rigorous standards as all of the products we make. The bottom line is that getting your child on a well-designed machine is more economical for you in the long run, is easier to learn to ride, and ultimately more enjoyable for your kid from day one.

A Great Ride Starts with the Right Bike.

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