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Pasadena Cyclery is a family-owned and operated bike shop that has been in business for over 40 years. We're always looking for great employees. 

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Trek, Electra, Marin and Fuji in stock below $999

Bikes have been hard to find but we want to help get you riding this summer!  Check out our new stock of great entry level bikes and take one for a test ride!

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  SERVICE UPDATE | 48-Hour Turnaround  

We want to keep you riding!  Bring your bike in today and get it back in 48 hours. We are working hard to get you back on the bike, but due to part shortages we may not be able to guarantee a 48-hour turnaround (just ask us if 48 hour turnaround is available for you bike at drop-off) Need an appointment? Call Saturday for appointments for the following week.

Plan Your Bike Service

We've made it easier than ever to drop off your bike for maintenance or repair work. Simply book your drop-off time online and one of our friendly, professional mechanics will be ready for you when you arrive. 

When you head into the store let us know you have a drop off service appointment. The mechanic will check over your bike and give you an estimated date of completion.

plan your bike service

In-Stock Bikes Available Today!

$1,259.99 - $1,349.99
$3,159.00 - $3,359.00
$4,199.99 - $4,399.99
$5,299.99 - $5,999.99
$5,499.99 - $5,999.99
$4,199.99 - $4,399.99
$759.00 - $869.99
$549.99 - $699.99

A Great Ride Starts with the Right Bike.

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Folding Bikes 

These are a few of our favorites! Stop in and test ride a GoCycle or PreOrder the Brompton Explore. Let the adventures begin!

Gocycle comming soon!

Stop in today and pre order one of the new 2022 models!


A bike to find a new route, or plan your next escape.

Sold out, Reserve your Brompton with our Deposit waitlist.

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