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Keep It Fun And Safe With Our Ten Trailer Tips

1. Trailers, especially child-carrying models, are considerably wider than your bicycle. Don't forget this when riding or you may hook a wheel on a parking meter and get launched! Keep in mind that bike paths are often narrow and busy with other users, too.
2. Pay attention to the wind when riding with a trailer. If you've got a tailwind going out, don't take the "free" ride too long because you might have a very difficult trip back home against the wind.
3. Avoid trailer rides that include narrow roads. While courteous cars will wait for you, aggressive drivers may insist on passing dangerously close.
4. Remember that a trailer and passenger(s) is a significant weight increase, which requires longer stopping distances and more braking force to stop quickly. Ride smart, keep your speed down and anticipate stops.
5. Because the trailer and load add lots of weight, if you ride in a hilly area, consider installing lower gears for easier climbing and to prevent knee injury.
6. Children will get sunburned quickly if you don't use a top/sunshield on your trailer. Shade them and carry sunscreen.
7. When attaching the trailer be sure that the hitch is securely fastened. Most models include a safety strap, which maintains the trailer/bike connection if the hitch loosens. Make sure both devices are connected correctly.
8. Don't forget to check trailer tire inflation, too. Soft tires make the trailer harder to pull and increase the likelihood of getting flats.
9. Use the trailer's cargo space to carry small toys, books, a cell phone, food, drink, cash and other essentials.
10. Pedal smoothly! If you pound the pedals, you'll jerk the trailer forward with each stroke causing your kids to flop around.