Brompton M6R - Turkish Green - 2017

Brompton M6R - Turkish Green
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Once ordered Bike May take 7 weeks to arrive.

Aproxx 26.7 lbs

Total RRP:
$ 1599.00
Stage 1 Components
Frame Material Steel
Handlebar M Type
Gears 6 Speed
Mudguards/Rack Version R – inc. mudguards and rack
Main Frame Colour Turkish Green No price
Extremities Color Turkish Green No price
Stage 2 Components
Gear Ratio 6 speed -12%
Saddle Height Standard No price ---
Lighting Reflectors only No price ---
Saddle Brompton No price ---
Suspension Standard No price ---
Tyre Brompton Kevlar No price ---
Stage 3 Components
Front Luggage None No price ---
Rear Luggage None No price ---
Transporting, BBag None No price ---
Saddle bag None No price ---
Toolkit None No price ---


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