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Brompton M6L-X Racing Green Superlight Ti Brooks C17 saddle - 2021

Brompton M6L-X Racing Green Superlight Ti Brooks C17 saddle
*Comes with Brooks C17 saddle not shown
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Brompton folding bikes have been handmade in London since 1975.


Brompton Superlight marries the classic steel mainframe with a titanium rear frame, front fork and other lightweight componentry to deliver high quality performance with excellent portability; the ultimate solution for getting around the city.
Up to 0.74kg lighter than an all-steel Brompton, it makes jumping on and off trains and taking up flights of stairs easier than ever, all whilst maintaining a compact package that can be tucked away neatly at home or under a desk.
Aerospace Engineering - made with Titanium

On a Superlight, we replace the standard components for lighter options for the following parts:
Titanium Front Fork
Titanium Rear Frame
Lightweight Wheel Set
Titanium Mudguard Stays
Lightweight Headset

M Type: Our classic handlebar shape, which for most riders provides an all round, neutral position. Shorter riders will find this offers a more upright, leisurely position and taller riders will find this still gives a slightly sporty position.

6 Speed: The ultimate all-rounder, for those who wish to take longer rides and challenging inclines. The 6 speed option is 920g heavier than the single speed, so if you’re looking for a lighter bike and won’t be tackling hills, perhaps consider fewer gears.

L Version:
Equipped with mudguards, essential for non-fair weather cyclists.

Other adjustments for size and fit
Beyond all the above options, other aspects will help make sure the fit is just right. The Pentaclip on the saddle allows you to find a riding position that is both comfortable for you and ergonomically correct; elongating or compacting the reach, as preferred. Our brake levers can be adjusted to suit all hand sizes, and the saddle height insert means you can tailor your saddle height to the millimetre.

Part Numbers

M6L/mRG/eTi/FCB/C17/REV/SX/Ti/ BRO30282957I